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Childhood Horror

It all happened when i was around 10, i lived with my grandma at tanglin halt since i was young. It started on a night when usually after watching the chinese serial drama, i went to bed. I slept with my grandma and auntie but of cos they slept on the bed while i lie down on my cushy matress. I was turning around, clearly unable to sleep, suddenly i got this very funny weird feeling of being watched.

The room’s windows were closed and i started to hear scratching noises at the window(u know those old wooden windows with slits from older HDB houses). I sit up and looked towards the was pitched dark in the room but i kept hearing scratching noises and the windows started to shake as if being pulled from the outside. I wanted to scream but i just couldn`t find my voice, and on top of it all my grandma and auntie were fast asleep.

Then the shaking stopped..and suddenly i thought, i was sleeping by the entrance of the room and the door was wide open so when i turned i could look at the living room…i kept thinking whatever it was, would it come in from my kitchen window…I started to sweat and started to feel giddy when i heard noises from the kitchen. I pretended to fall asleep and with my arms over my head..Out of curiosity and fear, i took a look by opening my eyes without moving my arms, i saw a hand(i mean a human hand!) crawling on it own slowly past me…I remembered it being all dark and cold all of the sudden…I was thinking what if it grabbed me or something. I think i felt alseep due to exhaustion.

Next morning, told my grandma about it and she just dismissed it by telling me in hokkien, “You dreaming lah gong kia”. All i can wasn`t a dream.

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