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Jamming With The Dead

Well this may be a crap to all of u guys who go jamming every weekdays or weekends, but this is a “session” that is not a great one!!

I was with a group of friends and we decided 2 go jamming after our outing wif the gals at east coast. It was about 10.00pm when we arrived at the jamming studio. We played 4 about 2 hours and u might expect we finished about 12.00.

While we were jamming, this was wat happened…My frend was about 2 ask for a battery change due to some distractions on his walkman when suddenly we heard somebody screaming loudly that we were so shocked that our pants almost went wet. All of us rushed to the place where we heard the scream and saw the owner of the studio frantically shaking.

Overcome by fear, we tried to comfort him and carried on our session. We were busy playing when the lights switched off almost suddenly and we were furious and vulgur words were coming out when we heard an evil scream…We checked wif the owner and he told us there were no technical problems..and the best part was…there were nobody else there except 4 of us and the owner..

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