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Blk 36 Teban Gardens Road

It was late at night… (About 2 am) At that time I was expecting my third child. I need to go to the toilet. As not to wake up my children and husband I did not switch on the living room lights. When I flicked on the kitchen light, I saw something(lembaga) coming out from the bathroom out of the window. It was white and ‘its’ hair is long. As the kitchen lights were near to the toilet I was stunned. I quickly rushed to my husband and woke him up.

Luckily i did not faint because i couldn’t see its face. If not what will happen to me and my baby… My mother told me that pregnant woman can sometimes see the supernatural. But my other members staying in my block also sometimes told me they saw a ghost sitting on their bamboo poles at night.

Now i have moved to another flat in Teban. I hope the person that moved to my house at blk 36 will not experienced the same thing as me.

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