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Pasir Ris Park

It all started when my brother age 20, told me that the tower which my friends n I loved to go to, was haunted by a samsui woman who died durin the world war by hanging herself.(1 or 2 I dont know) So, one day I was invited to a BBQ @ the park.(It was after our PLSE n school had ended.)

The day before, I told 2 other of my friends about the tower which we had always gone together n the story behind it. Then I told them that after the BBQ, we could go n stay @ the tower 4 one night n they agreed. At the BBQ, the three of us were the odd ones out as we were carrying a sleeping bag n a bag of snacks each. The time passed extreamly slowly. Soon we were bored. At 11:30, we started inserting batteries into our torchlights n started to climb the stairs 2 the top floor.

A few minutes later, we were all gettin sleepy includin me. Then I noticed a short rope appear from the top of the tower.(Then if u were @ the top floor, n looked up, u would see a square made of wood n it appeared from there) Then i remembered that she hanged herself. I immediatly told Sean n Jeremy to look up. At the sight of it, they freaked out n so did I. To cut their screems short, I told them that only the rope had appeared n not the woman. They agreed n calmed down. At 11:59, we all look up n saw the woman. We grabbed our stuff and dash down the stairs screemin like nobody’s business, got on our bikez n cycled as fast as we could. Lucky 4 us, the three of us stays just blocks away. The three of us stopped under my block. Sean had wet his pants, jeremy had tears in his eyes n my legs were shakin. BY THE TIME WE GOT HOME WAS 12:30 AM.

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