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Do You Believe In Ghost?

This incident happened to me a few weeks ago. I struggled for quite a while bfore i decide to let tis dark secret out for u guyz out there..

I was on my way back home, tired as usual. It must have been late that nite….it should be….as i felt unusually cold n it seemed foggy that day. I was half sleeping while walking, n surprisingly, i reached the lift of my flat safely.

Someone must have got into the lift as i heard the lift door closing. I made a lighting dash towards it, and managed to press tat damn button to open the door again.

I think i did say sorrie to whoever was in tat lift, but i sure failed to check out whether tat person was a lady or guy. Too tired from my work, i juz let my head tilt down n face the lift door, trying to rest. tat person should b behind me, as i can still feel her presence…..

The lift door opened as usual….n i walked out the lift n walk towards the corridor. But something is wrong….as i dun rem a have a big green plant outside my door!!? I turned my head around n opened my 3 quarter closed eye lid to see…….wat the hell…i was on the most upper floor of my flat—-the 13th floor!!!?! I took a fearful glance at the lift, which showed ” under maintainance” at the indicator.

Hell!! I was so freaking scared tat moment, n i felt wide awake tat instant!!! At laser speed i made a quick dash towards the stairs n ran all the way down to the 7th floor, to where my home is. I opened my door as quick as my cold stiff fingers can do their job n slammed the god damn door tight! I must have had woked everyone in my family up with that slam, n they came out of their room to see wat happen. I told them all tat happened, n juz as i expected…everyone said i was tired n told me not to imagine things. I bet u guyz reading this must b swearing n mocking at me now? All of u must b thinking i m blabbering Rubbish!!!!!

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