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Urine Trouble

This story was told to mi by my teacher when i was in Primary 5…..

Believe it or not…long ago…as u noe…toilet facilities was bad and small children juz urine anywhere. However…the ppl were superstition and advise their children to say “sorrie” before passing urine in a public places.

One nite, a boy was playing with a few of the neighbourhood children when he felt urgent and ran off to a drain to do his business. He remembered his mother telling him to say “sorrie”. However he was playful and said “Is it nice?” and there was a reply “No”. The boy was veri scare and ran back home after doing his business.

The next day, he was so ill that he could not get out of bed. His mum give him medicine but they dun seem to work. Den sum of the folks at the market told her that her son muz have offended that thing. She rush home and ask him wat he does before he was ill. The boy told her all that happened. She immediately drag him to a bomah to seek help. They were told to burn some incense paper to the sprit and the fever goes off the next day.

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