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Woman In Bus

It happen when I was 41 years old. That time I was working as a bus driver. This was what happen………………..

It was a eerie night, I was tired because I had drove the bus for the malay wedding in the day. After the wedding, I went home. Instead of taking the usual route, I take a shortcut. On the way home, I saw a woman carrying a baby. I was pity for them, so I invite her to ride onto my bus.

She slowly step into my bus. Suddenly, I smell something pleasent. I ask her where she stay. She say, she will show the way. Then she said to me to turn left but in my mind i was thinking there are no lane on the left and how can she ask me to turn left. So i just follow her instruction and to my surprised i saw a lane…i had a shocked of my life.

I thought maybe they have built new lane so i just kept quiet. Then she ask me to stop and she went down the bus. Then i quickly drove off. Then i look at the place where she sat and saw something shiny. So i take a look and saw a ring.

The next day, i told my friend about the ring. I told my best friend, Ahmad, about the day before. My friend said that there is no lane. I was so scared. I cannot sleep that night.

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