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White Figure at Mt. Ophir

I was on a trip from Spain to Singapore. One day, while we were out for camping at Mt.Ophir, I saw a white figure. It was jumping like a hip-hop star. It was jumping from tent to tent. Suddenly, it stopped at my uncle’s tent.(we can see as it is quite tranparent) It looked inside. My aunt shouted. My two cousins who slept beside me ran away from the tent. I was all alone left inside the tent. When the creature saw my cousins running, the creature jumped towards my tent.

I was scared. I closed my eyes. I heard that my aunt and uncle in the previous tent ran away too. Now I was left alone!!!!!! I shouted on the top of my voice but no sound came out. I juz dashed out from the tent expecting to push away but actually I went through the creature.

After running away, I heard a deafening laughter. I was scared but I kept on running away. By that time the laughter has already gone but I was still scared and tried to find my relatives. Finally I found them walking together and went back to camp. That is the last day I’m going to Mt.Ophir.

This is true. And I’m a Spanish so I don’t know what is that. And Diyanah is my cousin. My trip guide says it has a Malay name. Is it true???

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