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Tampines Is Haunted

Hi.. well, i have this story to share.. I’ve never tell anyone about this b’cos i want to forget the incident.. but unfortunately, i can’t.. so i decided to tell people about this..

The incident happened at my area.. I used to go home from school alone.. So, one day.. i got remedial and had to go home late that day.. I reached my block at about 6.40p.m.. I was walking alone.. Suddenly, i heard someone shouting for help.. I turned(thinking it might be someone who needs help).. but i saw no one..

I want to take the lift.. but i scared as i will be alone in the lift…(something might happen).. so i decided to use the stairs.. I went up the stairs.. It was dark..The lights are not on yet.. It will be on at about seven.. so i went up.. The higher i climb, the darker it was… Then i felt something strange.. I’ve been climbing the stairs for long but still i had not reached my storey.. Everything seems the same as i went up..

I was really scared.. I stopped and cried.. I shouted for help but no one at sight.. Suddenly my hair stands.. Strange.. Someone tapped on my shoulder.. To my horror, it was a young lady whom i never seen before.. She asked me what happened.. I told her.. Then she sat beside me.. She told her story.. She used to stay there… When she was in her 20′s.. she already started working.. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant.. Then one day, she had to go for night shift.. That time, the lift was not working.. so she took the stairs.. When she was going down.. a drunken man approached her.. She was raped and when she shouted for help.. there is no one.. She tried to run.. She went up the stairs but failed … so she commit suicide.. After the man escaped.. she jumped out from the building..

She committed it means she was dead… I was shocked to hear that.. Suddenly she disappeared… I was too shocked to move.. I looked around … She had disappeared.. When i reached home.. i told my parents… My parents said that.. there was once a lady commited suicide at my block.. so is true that i was talking to the lady..

I didn’t know about this story b’cos i was not born yet.. From this, i would like to tell all the ladies out there.. to be careful and don’t go out at night alone.. you will be regretted..

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