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Headless Man

This story is actually told by my brother. At that time, he was serving his NS at pulau tekong.

One night, his sargeant asked him to guard the camp as the it was his turn. His duty was to make sure all soldiers to go inside the camp. It was getting late and everybody was fall asleep. Then he saw a soldier marching. HE thought he was going inside the camp but he just march away from the camp. My brother shouted at him to get back to camp. But the soldier kept marching. He run towards the soldier and shone a torchlight to see which platoon was he in. To his shock, the soldier was headless. Blood came out of his neck. My brother fainted and was discovered by his friends the next day. My brother told the incident happen that night.

Some of his friends encountered the headless soldiers. He told me when it was my time to serve the NS at pulau tekong, try to find him near the forest at night…….

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