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Ngee Ann City (Taka)

The present location of the Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road was formerly a Teochew graveyard. If one were to stand in front of Paragon & look across, one will notice that the whole structure of the Ngee Ann City resemble a typical Teochew tombstone.

Most of the staffs working in that building have experienced weird & unexplainable incidents in the toilets, especially the B1, 1 & 2 toilets………….

It was a Saturday nite at around 10pm. All the shops have closed & I was hunting around for a toilet. I remember it was the level 1 toilet. The lights were partially off & those that were on were shining on the sinks & the first cubicle. I took the first cubicle, nothing happened until I was out. I was infront of the mirrors washing my hands when one of the last few cubicle was flushing. At that instance, I sensed a slight chill & goose pimples were slowly surfacing, for what reasons, I can’t explained.

I wanted to stay on to find out what was in there but my instinct tells me not to meddle with it. Calmly, I walked out of the toilet. I still remember the feeling of fear when the flush went off that night.

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