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Staring Green Woman

Hi, I thought I’ll just share this scary incident i’ve encountered when i was in Primary 6.

That year in 1991, during the June Holidays, I remembered clearly that my brother and I spent 3 days at my Grandma’s place in Hougang. On the 2nd nite, my 2nd Aunt and i shared a room. My Brother and 3rd Aunt shared the other room and my Grandma in the other.

After a day’s shopping, we were all very tired and fell asleep soon. I had set the alarm clock & left it next to me at the bedside table for I was looking forward to swimming the next day.

Out of the sudden, i opened my eyes sleepily and saw this scary woman at the doorway, she looked green all through…she had long black hair covering her face. (Somewhat like the Japanese show “The Ring” )..Gosh!! I was really frightened and worse of all, she was staring at me!! I could not see her face as the hair was covering her face. But i pretended to toss round and put the pillow over my head and as my face was facing the alarm clock on the right, i cound see the showed “4:15am”!!!

I really had goosebumps all over my body and that I prayed for for it to go away and most importantly..for me to SLEEP again…! Thank God that i fell asleep once more.

I woke up in the morning and ask my 2 aunts whether they had been standing at the doorway (as they had long hair , naturally, I’ll asked them first)…..”NO, who would be so boh liao as not to sleep but to stand there in the middle of the nite!” was their answer. I related what i saw to them but they brushed it off jokingly.

But after the encounter, i don’t dare to overnite there again.

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