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Toa Payoh Garden

Well my story happened on one afternoon when it was during after exam time. Me and my group of friend have decided to go to Toa payoh garden where it believed it was haunted. According to my chinese friend supersitious, we were supposed to walk in or sit in an even number when we went to a unclean place.

But after a few minutes of telling ghost stories, one of my friend walk away to another side toward our other friend which were playing in the river. Then that how the incident began when i and my friend Aivy had heard an old chinese opera song coming on the back of both us.

Few second later, i stop hearing and continue telling ghost stories while Aivy was quiet and concentrate listening to the song then she stand up and she told us that she want to walk alone in the garden and she told us not to follow. My friend, Ting Ting were worried when she saw her want to walk behind the hill so she went and stopped her immediately and she took her to us. Aivy then told us that she heard a sound which she never heard before and she told us to follow her.

As we were following her, we were wondering when did she went her and how she could heard this sound from far. Aivy was infront of us when i wanted to walk beside her. She told me not to walk beside her. As i did not notice anything that had went wrong, i let her walk alone infront. When we arrived infront the restaurant, she told us that she wanted to go to the second floor. We were worried and my friend told us that something had went wrong and she took Aivy near the sunlight and u guess what happen? She suddenly ask we all how she went here?

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