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Here the story goes. In Malaysia, there lived a beautiful woman who always help people if they are in trouble but people thought that she was making the trouble worse. So the villages thought of burning the house down. Each family bought a bottle of oil and matches. After that they burn the house down until she and the house become ashes.

The next Friday night, they decided to make a vacation to a park. Each of the family rented a car to the park that was just metion. When everyone was there, the first thing they did was to set up a tent for each family. Then they decided to have some fun. At the side of the park, there was a lot of tree. On one of the tree, the woman that had became ashes became alive but there was a change of her body. She was a ghost and made of ashes. Every one saw it and ran away for their own lives.

One of the family went to the the magical shop to ask the wizard how to kill the ghost. The wizard told them to get a screw and poke it on its head. They did as what they was told. In the family, the only person that was brave was the little girl. She climbed up the tree while the other villages try to make the ghost look at the villages. She successfully poke the screw into the ghost head.

The ghost became a beautiful woman back. The family who did it bring back the woman to their house. One day, when the family was going out, the family left the woman and the girl at home. When the girl and the woman was combing their hair, the woman said “What is this on my head, girl? Can you take it out?” After the girl took it out, the woman became the ghost back in the previously.

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