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Pontianak in Bedok North

This incident happened on Friday the 13. I was tired after a 4 hour remedial with my form teacher. Suddenly, I had the urge to go to toilet. I asked my friend to accompany me to the toilet next to the library. Since it was the nearest toilet, i quickly went there. I have heard many stories about people hanging themselves or shouting alone in that toilet. I cannot “tahan” anymore so I just go there without any hesistation.

While i was doing my business, i heard a noise that someone is shouting for help. I thought that was my friend trying to scare me. I just continued to pee. As i forgot to take a tissue, i told my “friend” to take tissue for me. Then suddenly, a girl gave me a tissue but she did not have legs. I quickly put on my shorts and run away. The ghost was calling out my name. I turned and saw her smiling freakily to me. I went out and told my friend at the library what had happened.

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