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This story is told by my parents while they were still young. My mum loves to play at the rambutan tree near her house. Therefore my granparent decided to hang a swing so that she could play at the rambutan tree.

One day, while my granparent have gone out to a wedding, my mum went out to play to cease her boredoom. While she was swinging , a lady in red caught her attention. She was very curious as why a young beautiful lady was walking in the middle of the night.

Then the scary part happened. The lady’s head turned at my mum 360 degrees and said something to my mother! The lady in red said ” Do you want to play with me? ” She kept repeating the sentence and followed by a loud shriek. My mum was so terrified that she fainted on the spot!

Later she was revived back when my grandparent sprinkled some holy water on her face. It is said that the ghost wanted to make friends with my mother! Eerie!!!!!

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