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Spirit Of The Pen

This happen when i was in secondary school. Me n my frends came down to school, saturday as we were bored. It was bout 11+ in the morning. We had nothing to do so we decided to play the spirit of the pen.

We decided to play the game at the 2nd storey as we did not want any teachers to scold us. We played the game in front of the toilet. As we were playing, we told the spirit if it were real, it was to knock at the toilet door n it said ok. So we waited for it to knock but it didn’t. So we thought one of us were moving it. So we just continue playing for a few mins.

We ask the spirit to go home(as a precaution even though we suspect 1 of us is moving the pen) after we played the game. We juz sat at the 2nd floor n talk. After a few mins, a couple of my frends including myself became quiet. At that point the toilet that we were sitting in front of bang by itself. All my frends ran at that time n left all our stuff behind.

At the ground floor, we decided whether to take our stuff upstairs. All of us went up 2gether n went straight out of the skool. Outside, we went under a blk and ask what happen. My friends heard different noise in the toilet b4 the door bang. I heard footsteps while my frend Zarina heard running water, Fida heard toilet being flushed, Yani heard chain noise and Nanie heard voices. After dat incident, we didn’t dare to ask the spirit to do anything when we play the game.

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