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Office Toilet Experience

I have been working in this company (sooory cannot mention name due to confidentiality) for 3 years.

The office toilet in my office is very clean and tidy. There is also ablution (wuduk) area where you can take for prayers. However the toilet would be full of staff during lunch time and evening time for them to touch-up.

I know that nobody has experience this before except me. This incident happened recently at around 4.30pm for the Asar prayers. Surprisingly during this period the toilet is empty. I just continued to do the ablution (wuduk). While in the process of ablution, I felt eeriee, it seems that somebody is looking at me but I just ignored it.

Finished with the ablution, I was adjusting my scaft, while suddenly I heard a soft voice behind me saying “Helloooooo” but the scaries part is I could not see any reflection in the mirror.(you know office, they have a very big and wide mirror)

I nearly shouted for help, but I forced myself to be strong and just continued to say some prayers (inside my heart), and quickly dashed out of the toilet. However I did not tell my collegue regarding this, cos I’m afraid that they will not dare to go there alone.

Till today, I still go to take my ablution during that time with a stronger faith in me and I managed to overcome it.

To you people out there, do not sing or dance in the toilet, caused a lot of ‘Satans’ or ‘Spirits” is there watching you without you realising it.

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