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It was 2.30 am in the morning and I can’t sleep. I decided to wash my face and drink some water. When I was entered the kitchen, I saw a female looking figure with white clothing knocking my kitchen window. I know it was pontianak and I quickly run into my living room. I could see the pontianak sitting in my chair and I was frozed. I dropped on the floor and I was out of breath. Luckily my mum wake up and went out and switch on the light and saw me. Then she saw the pontianak and say some prayers to scared off the pontianak. The pontianak juz disappeared with a bursting laughter and my mum quickly bring me into my room and sleep. The next morning everything was fine and we have a praying ceremony in the house. After that everything went well but we were told that the pontianak use to stay in this block and to scared the people off. We were also tell not to walk past the large tree behind our block because that is the pontianak is staying. This incident happened just a few days ago.

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