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My Old House, 243

This scary incident happened to me when I was only 10. My old house, situated at blk 243, tampines st 21, on the 2nd floor, was believed to be haunted..

My family moved to that area ever since my mom was pregnant with me in 85. There were no famillies before us living in that area.

My mom and my late grandma, admitted seeing someone who resembled my father on occasions where he’s not at home. I never took her stories seriously until I met “him”. My elder sister and I were home alone since my parents and my younger sister were away on holiday in KL. I was 9 yrs old then. I was down with high fever, resting at the master’s bedroom. My sister called some friends over to accompany us.

I was just about to close my eyes until a dark, huge figure appeared from the toilet. My eyes were watery so it was rather blur. “He” really looked like my father except that he’s very dark (almost black) n made strange noises. He walked really fast as I started shouting. He tried closing my mouth with his dark hands. My elder sister came to the room and pulled me out just as he was about to grab me. My elder sister and her friends said that I were hysterical but I wasn’t posessed. My sister read the Quran until I fell asleep.

Up till now, I still do not know what “he” tried doing to me. All I could remember that he smell really bad and he looked so much like my father. Eversince, I’m a strong believer of the unexplained and supernaturals. Maybe, one of these days, you people should check out my block…

By the way, I’ve moved a few blocks away now and so far, no weird incidents yet…

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