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Transit Passengers

It was almost 12 when I finally reached Jurong MRT station. Fortunately, the last train had not left yet. The familiar hum of train approaching the station distracted me. I looked up, as the largely empty southbound traincame into the station. I took a cabin at the end, because I could not stand the presence of another human being.

I went in and sat down, totally absorbed in my own misery. My head was hanging down as the train moved on. While looking down, I saw that my shoe laces were undone. As I bent down to tie them, the cabin became suddenly noisy as I heard multiple footsteps came in my direction.

The invasion of my privacy irritated me, and I looked up with a hostile expression on my face. However, there was no one in the cabin. I looked left and right, no one was in sight. The train had already gone underground, in the direction of Bedok MRT station.

It was then I caught my reflection in the window. To my shocked, I saw in the reflection, that my entire row was occupied with passenger. I looked away from the window and glanced around me. The seats beside me was empty. When I looked back, the people were still seated there in the reflection.

‘Are these people human?’ I thought, as my hair stood on my neck.

The train jerked, and lurched forward and moved. The train was approaching Bedok MRT station. I tried not to act surprised, but kept looking ahead blankly.

As the train went into the station, I got up to leave. In the reflection, all heads turned to look at me. That made me lose my nerve. I started to ran, but my feet kicked the metal pole, and I tripped, landing in an awkward position on the cabin floor.

”Why are you in a hurry?” A ghostly voice spoke. I looked up but saw no one. Glancing into the window, I saw one of them smiling at me. I was terrified. I scampered to my feet and got out of the train quickly.

I brushed against someone, as I ran through the door. An old man and a young girl was entering the cabin. It was a moment later that I thought of stopping the two from entering.

I spun around. The train entrance was empty. The doors were closing. I looked into the cabin. There was no one inside.

It couldn’t be.

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