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One day my friends and i decided to go camping. We wanted to go to Changi but my friend Syed said that it was not a good place for camping or swimming. None of us took his advise seriously.

About 5p.m we reached Changi. We started to pitch our camps. After that we decided to take a swim. After 7.30p.m, we came out for dinner. We were talking about ghost stories. Later Syed said that he was returning home. We all tried to change his mind but we couldn’t. Before he left, he said that we all will regret for coming here.

About 11p.m, we all decided to sleep. As we all got in the tent, we heard sobbing of a woman and then crying. We were frightend. The voice sounded as though it was far away so i decided to get out. My friend told me that if the voice sounds far away means the pontianak is very near and if the sound is near it is very far. Then we saw a shadow of a woman on our tent roof. We quietly packed our things. Then we ran out without looking back but one of my friend looked back and was slapped real hard that he was fainted. We had to carry him and run. When i reached home my grandfather told me it was a pontianak.

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