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Hai everyone, I would like to tell my experienced encounter with pontianak. It happened at my father kampung at Muar. The night when it happened was raining very heavily. You can hear the wind blowing and the lightning flashing at one another. I, my small sister and my 3 cousins were sleeping outside the room because we taught it was very cramp to sleep in one room. I thing it was about 2.00a.m. when it happened. At first I hear somebody knocking the door quite some time. I ignore it because I know who will come at these wee hour when it still raining outside. I keep quite but my heart beat very fast. Infact I was shivering. I thought only I heard the knocking, my cousins also heard it. We are very scared becaused after we were telling each other about the knocking, it start to knock again but this time it was at the window exactly beside us. We all getting more scared and we decided to knock my parent room.

We told my parent what had happened and they let us sleep with them. But about 10 minutes inside the room, we heard a very heavy flapping like a bird wings on top the roof to and fro about 20 minutes. My parent also heard and told us to keep quite and pretend not to hear it. At last we get to sleep at about 5.00 a.m.

From then on, I told my parent I will never sleep outside again if I “balik kampung”(return hometown).

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