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The Unseen

My Name is Dan, I use to have this sense of ghost around us. The following story is about the day when my grandmother pass away, it was on wednesday night about 11.45pm, at the void deck of my house, I was sitting quite a distance away from my pass away grandmother grave but I still sense the belonging of her around us.

At about 12.15pm, my uncle looked at our bored faces and suggest the we will have a majong game, I was the first one to agree to it although I do not know how to play and we were playing and playing and I had lost all the rounds we had played, at the forth round of our game a gust of wind blow towards our majong table, I felt something or someone standing behind me, I turned around and saw no one. Then something happened as I was playing. I throw out a card as I was told to and guess what? I had win this round. But everyone was concentrating on their deck and no one was behind me telling me anything. So, who was the one telling me to throw the card? It’s getting more and more eerie.

After the last day of my grandmother’s funeral, I was thinking whether the strange thing happen was my late grandmother? The reason I have this question on my mind is that the only one who is good at playing majong is my grandmother. Can someone tell me the reason?

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