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When i was 12 years old, i then found out my house had a ghostly mirror hanging on the wall. The mirror had a green border surrounding it and its image was quite blurr at times. This mirror was delivered with the suite of furnitures my mum bought. When it arrived, i was quite excited as i had always longed for a dressing table of my own. After it had been delivered. I tore open the wrapper and placed it neatly on the brand-new dressing table.

Then, during the night, when i was sleeping, i suddenly woke up from my sleep and glanced at the mirror. I saw a shadowy figure swooped past it. I gasped and covered the blanket over my head and forced myself to go back to sleep.

The next morning, when i woke up, i noticed that the mirror was kinda blur in image. But i did not really bother about it and i did not forget the incident. I complained to my mother about the “ghostly force” that lingers near the mirror. Then, my mother took a cloth and covered the mirror during the night before i went to sleep.

Then, in the night, i woke up and saw that the blanket has mysteriously disappeared!!! I was so surprised and so frightened. Who had removed the blanket?

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