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East Coast Park

My story takes place at east coast beach..You know that by the jetty there a bunch of old boats by the shore? Well, my boyfriend and I had finished having a late night supper down at the food centre and decided to take a stroll by the shore..We walked and talked and just simply enjoyed ourselves when we got to the jetty..We decided to turn and walk back since below the jetty it was dark and who knows what could be under there.

As we were about to turn, i heard laughter coming from somewhere behind those boats. I didn’t think much of it and just thought of it as someone behind the boats..but then i smelt a strong smell of frangipani. By now, i was quite frightened because of stories told to me by my Malay friends about that smell and who it is..and the worse was i was having my menses that day..My boyfriend didn’t seem to notice anything wrong and he mentioned the smell..I tugged at his arm and told him to ignore it and we quickly walked back to the car park.

Back at the car park, my boyfriend asked me why i was acting strangely back at the jetty and when i told him all that i knew about that thing, he laughed and told me that it was all rubbish…I hope that one day, he would get disturbed by the thing..Then he would really believe it..

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