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NS Camp

This story was told by my sista’s fiancee. It happen in his unit in NS training camp.

This is how da story goes……

It was late at night and all NS men were sleeping cept’ 4 a guy named *Don*. He was having troubled sleeping. His bunker was located right at the end of da room. He recalled feeling uneasy and felt extremely cold. Strange coz the only fan in the room were not working, da doors were locked n da only windows opened were both very far from his bunker. Still lying on his bed, Don opened da sliding door of his bunker see whether any of his buddies were not yet asleep.(Each bunker has a sliding door which one have 2 open it b4 going out of bed) To his amazement, he heard a ball bouncing, softly at first but da sound became louder as though it was getting nearer. To his horror, he saw a small semi-transparent toddler passed his bunker while bouncing a dirty basketball ball. Don realize dat it was a ghost bcoz how can a boy be in his room when da door was locked n dat it was very late at night. He was relieved dat da ‘thing’ took no notice of him n da bouncing had stopped.

Suddenly da boy walked backwards n stopped directly in front of Don’s bunker. It stared directly at Don with bloodshot eyes n den it smiled. Don, who are already too shocked 2 do anythin, hold his breath. Da boy den shouted with a spine-chilling voice dat Don would never 4get,’Mommy, dis man is still not asleep! Wat shall we do wif him?!?’

After hearing dat, Don fainted n was woken up da next morning by his fren n told everything 2 him. Don fell very sicked after dat incidence n was later not heard of again. People said dat he was murdered brutally n strangled to death. And da person who he told da story to were actually my sista’s fiancee himself.

So, it’s up 2 u guys whether 2 believe da story is true or not. All i noe dat ghost really do exist n is everywhere among us human so my advice is!!!

*Don*- name have been changed to protect privacy

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