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Haunted Hotel In Thailand

After I read a story in your website about this guy going holiday in Thailand staying in a haunted hotel, I got the same experience as him. I have no idea if we got the same hotel or not. But anyway, my story follows like these..

We were going for a holiday in Bangkok and Pattaya for 5 days 4 nights. We stayed in a very lovely hotel. I shared same room as my brother but i can’t remember which room no. it was. I was having really an enjoying time as we have followed a group tour I made some friends and I really love those Thai dishes. AS we were about to tuck in, my brother and I shared some stories on the day tour earlier and also complaining that we can’t sleep at night.

So when it was really late WE forced ourselves to sleep and then we heard it..Knocks coming out from my window..Who can it be??..We staying on the 5 floor high how can it be possible for anyone be knocking outside my window??..It was soft at first then it went harder. I was really shaking in fear cos my bed was just outside the window. When i look at the gap of the curtain, there was no one and it was very very dark..Then I heard it. A lady’s voice singing some Thai song..and I heard it CLEARLY.

The whole night, my brother and I slept with the blanket covered to our whole body. It was scary!!!..WE relate the story to my parents and we still got a day tour going on..When inside the coach, my driver told us that he saw a lady with long hair combing outside his window and he stay the same level as us. Luckily her back is facing him.

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