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Ghost Hunt at Bidadari Christian Cemetry

This is our fourth ghost hunt. At first we decided to go to Bidadari Muslim Cemetery but my brother back out. Don’t want to be a spoil-sport, we decided to go to Bidadari Christian Cemetery instead.

It is a Friday night. I was thinking what are we doing here while all other people are partying and here we are ghost hunting. We are freaks:) Anyway, we reached the cemetery around 12:30am. We drive through the dark and scary cemetery and stop somewhere in the middle of the cemetery. My brother looking very confident that nothing will happen told me not to say anything and relax if something were to happen.

True enough, after one and half hours of waiting. Something landed on top of our car and we can feel the weight acting on the car. We look at each other but keep our cool and be silent. We chant any prayers that comes to out mind and after 15mins, we can feel the thing went away. We are still not relieve yet because we are still in the cemetery. We drive out of the cemetery and speed off all the way till we reached our favourate Prata Shop in “Simpang Bedok”. Then we are very relax. This is our second lucky accounter with the other dimension. Were we happy? I think so too only when we reached the prata shop ALIVE!!! Hehehehe…

More to come from my ghost hunt with my brother…

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