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The Black Cat

It happened to me when I’m 16. That was in 1986….I was quiet ‘wild’ at that time. I and my good friend Efa used to hang around in PP and we enjoy going to t-dance and night functions. Theres one particular night, we attended to a function at Bedok. It was very late, so we decided to stay overnight in our friends granny house nearby. My friend granny was staying alone there. It was very late so we were exhausted, we washed our face and just slept.

Suddenly I heard a cat meowing very loud next to my ears. I opened my eyes and saw a black cat looking at me. I was about to wake my friends up…The cat just jump at me and scratched my upper lips. I felt the sharp pain and dizzy so i continue to sleep.

I woke up that morning and told my friend,’You’re black cat so naughty, it scratched my upper lips”. My friend was so stunned,”What a black cat? My granny don’t keep any cat. She’s allergic to fur”. I couldn’t believe my ears. “Maybe you are just having a nightmare”. My friend told me. I was so puzzled but when I looked in the mirror its true there is a scratch mark there.

I really think so hard, how can a cat came in to the 10th floor corner house and the best part is my friend did’nt hear any meows at all even though she slept just next to me and she is a light sleeper.

Since after the incident, I dare not come back so late and sleep in anybody house except my own house. More than 10 years have past but the scar is still there.

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