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Bike Horror

This is a true story which personally happened to me n my buddies…some time around late December last year.

We were out enjoying ourselves on dat particular nite..having been to Jurong Birdpark n Nite Safari. We really had a good time n everybody was in high spirits coz it was a public holiday the next day.

The clock showed that it was nearly 1 a.m….its time to go back i sighed. My friends who stay in the western area departed leaving the 3 of us behind. Its gonna be a long trip back to Bedok Reservoir n my fuel gauge showed dat my tank was nearly empty. I was riding a scrambler back then n cursed dat bike for its high fuel consumption.

Off we went..i was riding alone n my other friend Sazali had his girlfriend pillion him. So we decided to send Sazali`s girlfriend home, which was at Tampines, then proceed to our respective destinations.

We took the shortcut from the TPE down to Old Tampines Rd which connected Hougang to Tampines. That was when the horror incident started to unravel itself.

We were riding along this particularly deserted stretch of road when Sazali who was riding quite close behind me started to wave his hands n sounded his horn furiously. Feeling quite annoyed, i didn`t bother to look at my rear view mirror n ignored him. That was when i realise dat my bike felt heavier and sluggish. I looked at my rear view mirror n saw dat Sazali was quite far away. I turned to look infront and felt a pair of cold hands on my shoulder.

Oh my God….i was trembling n muttering my prayers. I heard a lady`s voice behind me saying…`Bang…Bang boleh turunkan saya kat pokok besar kat depan tu`. In English(sir…sir can u drop me off at dat big tree in front). I nearly fainted when i heard dat voice and true enough my bike felt lighter as i rode pass this huge tree.

I sped all the way home without ever looking at my side view mirror(dat was dangerous coz i couldn`t check my blind spot). The next day i fell ill and was feverish for nearly 4 days coz of shock. The truth dawned on me only when Sazali called me n told me dat the reason he was waving frantically n horning away like a mad man was that a figure in white floated down from one of the trees n was following me for a few seconds. Sazali wisely enough slowed down leaving me to fend for my ownself.

I still remember dat incident vividly and i`m getting goosebumps writing this story.

To bikers out there…go home early and avoid this particular stretch of road.(Old Tampines RD)

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