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Well At Nordin Village

I am known as a brave lady cause I am not afraid of anything else than my parents. But this incident I am telling u is true enough………….

My cousins, brothers and I went on an adventure camp held by ourselves. The location was at Nordin Village in Pulau Ubin. Everyone was excited except for me cause I was very tired. Then suddenly I decided to make myself fresh by taking a bath. I have no where else to bathe except for an old well. Four of us have the same intention cause it was so hotlahhhh. The rest of the group decided to stay cause they were really enjoying themselves.

As the four of us reached the well, the two guys were wearing their shorts to bathe. But for me and my cousin, we have already put on our bikini suit. As we were bathing, my cousin, Hisham was playing with the bucket and shampoo. Then he said ” Cepat mandi nanti hantu datang” that is ” bathe quickly or else the ghost come.” I wasn’t scared at all cause my dearest cousin Hisham is quite naughty. Then he shouted in the well ” helooo” the echo bounce back “helllo hellllo………” of cause echo. Then he shouted again ” Apa khabar…..”.that is “how are you” in english. The echo bounced back ” khabar baik….x3″ that is “I’m fine” in english. We looked at each other. Slowly, I picked up the things I’ve brought with me anddddddddd ” C-A-B_U_T!!!!!!!” I shouted at top of my voice and run as fast as we can like cartoons.

After the incident, I’ve got a fever for one week plus. I’m not joking at all. Believe it or not I will only bathe before night comes unless there are many people around me. Not WELL of cause.

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