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Oily Man

It was long time ago when I was a kid. It was true story about my aunt’s house in Choa Chu Kang near the Choa Chu Kang MRT station. My aunt’s was living with her family in her five room flat for three years… all looks seem happy in her family. They are enjoyable people.

Then one night, it was silent… my aunt was awaken by a noise. She heard like a tupperware dropped onto the floor. So she went and chechked what happened. Then she saw a black oily footprints from the living floor to the kitchen floor. She thought maybe it was her daughter who came home late at night and had her feet dirty. So my aunt picked the tupperware that had fell from the cabinet.

As she was about to reach the kitchen, she saw her rocking chair moving. Then to her surprise, she a pair of red eyes and suddenly the creature move to the kitchen as quick as lightning and went out to the windows of the kitchen. My aunt saw the creature as a human figure that looks exactly like a normal human being.

As my aunt was in shocked state, she slowly walked to her kitchen and saw that her kitchen window grill was open. She thought that the creature might climb through the windows. But how come can the creature climb through the windows when her flat was 10 storeys high??

The next morning, she saw a pair of palm prints on her wall. My grandmother said that this must be the work of the oily man.

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