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I live at jurong west and and i stayed at a high floor. We just bought this flat. It’s at the 15 floor. When we just moved in, suddenly i had this strange feeling bout the house. I just ignore it and just did my own stuff. When i went to sleep, all of a sudden, i was disturb by a faint voice. It was not calling out my name but was saying out something else. It was calling out KUM….KUM… for a several times. I really could not get to sleep as the voice was disturbing me.

Suddenly, i remembered what my mom has told me. She told me that if unheard a voice coming out of nowhere, doh’t bother bout it and just go to sleep. But, i did not bother bout her advice and ask whose there calling out KUM,KUM. No one answered.

Then suddenly, the voice came back, but this time, it’s coming from my bedroom window. And also, this time it’s more louder and meaner. It seems that it wanted to enter my room. I just stared at my window as it was just infront of me. Then a shadow was emerging from below. There i saw it, a figure with a white dress covering the whole body and floating in mid-air at 15th floor. I didn’t think much and started murmuring my verses. It was still there and was staring at me for after 15 mins i was reciting my verses.

Suddenly, the figure gave out a loud scream and just disappeared into thin air. The scream she gave out broke my window glasses into pieces. When i woke up the next morning, i saw the broken pieces. I then fainted.

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