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Haunting Spirits

It happenned at my old house in Toa Payoh flat at Lorong 5. I was quite a late sleeper actually at that time cos I like to read novels.

We stayed at 2nd floor and my house was haunted when we moved in. Strange things started happening during our stay there. It started to possessed my younger brother becos he’s quite vulnerable I guess.

He was quite sick when we first moved in so my dad give him some holy water to drink. After a while, he was cured. He started showing signs like talking to himself and getting high fever.

Once we were all watching tv when he turn around to look at us. We thought he was only kidding with us but I saw his head turning in weird position. It seems like he turned it all the way back and I saw his eyes were looking at the ceiling. So I screamed and called my mum to help him turn back his head to normal position. My dad came in time from work and saw what happened and he gave him holy water and some prayer rites. He was better the next day and my dad found out that the house was haunted by previous owner. They told my dad that the house need to be cleanse so we arrange prayer in the house for several nights. More strange things catch me for the next on-line stories..

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