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The Hand

My grandfather told me this story when i was young and do my best to retell the story.

When our family was still in Vietnam, there is a little myths that if a thief(a robber) want to have a good career in stealing, he would need a charm to help him. And this charm happen to be the hand of a dead person who have been killed by lightning. There was two thifts who found out about this and that’s how the whole story started.

It just so happen that an old woman have die because she was struck by lightning and she was buried. The two thiefs decided to dig her body up and chop her hands off so they can use it as a lucky charm.

Well, not long after that all of things started to happen to them. One of them decided to go out to the local resturant to have some noodle, then while he was eating, an old beggar came in. And he reconised that she was that old women who he have taken the hand off and she was asking for her hand back. He was terrified and ran back to the other guy’s place and told him about the incident, but the other guy was reluctant to believe him.

That night, when he sudden woke up because he could felt sometime on his back, and bump. He pulled his hand behind and get it out from his back and it was…the hand that belong to the dead woman, but this is not the most scary. He turned around to tell his girlfriend and when he turned her body around, it was the body of the dead woman…with out her hand.

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