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Opera Freak

It was October 2000, I was walking home one night after a cool drinking session with my friends at Boat Quay. I guess it was around 11.45pm. I was walking towards the junction of Yishun Ave 2 near the old Chinese temple. My mind filled with questions without answers. I was really stressed out at the incident which happened at Boat Quay.

As I was nearing the junction, I noticed a figure of a girl wearing an old opera suit and was dancing covering my path. As I drew nearer, I suddenly noticed that the girl was wearing heavy make-up. She was laughing loudly and was dancing closer and closer towards me. I stood rooted and watch her unusual behaviour. She was dancing around and around me and suddenly she stopped and looked at me.

In Chinese she asked,” Am I beautiful? ” I however did not answer back and continue walking. All of a sudden as I pass her by, I heard a hedious laughter and I turned around. The girl that I saw had turned into a woman with fangs with blood shot eyes. I did not waste anytime I ran as if all hell break loose. Luckily I was already nearing my house, I rushed into my house and shut the door behind me. I heard the being screamed and shout in Chinese,” All of my family will not be safe from her” As she laughed, I sat down and my mind was already thinking about my sister which was coming back home…. ..

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