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St John Island

This story happened when I was in Secondary three when my school organised to have a camp at St John Island for three days two night.

On the first night, we have the first activity which is when we have to do nightwalking. We have to walk in pairs with our partners. It was really scary as it was very dark and I can even smell the sense of the flower and it was very horrible and also there was this some sort of a smell like a dead corpse. I even notice that one of the tree has a form of an image and when I woke up in the next morning, I went to see that the tree is different from the last night image.

On the second night, I was sitting alone in the hall and I was looking at the boys who were enjoying playing ‘chapteh’ when I heard someone calling my full name non-stop for three times. Just imagine there was a lot of people there and I could hear someone calling my name three times but then I say in my heart and said to myself saying, ‘Don’t disturb me lah stupid’ Then at once, I could not hear my name being called. But five minutes later, my friend called me and said that my friend is possessed. One of my friend gave her some water which have been recited in Quran verse but she said she doesn’t want to drink it because she said it was blood water and one more thing when we ask her what is her name, she said she is Sabariah whereas her real name is Adnin.

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