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Perhaps this story is not new to all. But it has strange elements that makes me want to tell you…

Back in 1996, I was working in a warehouse located in Loyang. One Saturday afternoon as I was working alone(morning shift guys had already left home), I heard the sound of boxes being dropped to the concrete ground. Feeling that something was wrong, I quickly rushed to the other end of the warehouse. To my surprise, I saw a pallet of cargoes was shaking and one by one boxes were falling as if they were blown by a strong wind! Feeling unnerved by the whole thing, I came close to it when everything had stopped. Eerie feelings began to get the best out of me when I touched one of the scattered boxes and GOD! it was not empty!! Then I felt or rather saw someone or something standing at the direction where I came from earlier. As I turned to get a better vision, it just vanished but not without leaving any noises. Knocking sounds ran all the way from one end to the other….

As I related this story to my colleagues, they gave this same reason as why they prefer not to do O/T on Saturdays…

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