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A ghost in my house

This is true my mum told me this when I was about 8yrs of age and my mum 10 when she saw this her name is Sam and her best friend is Isabella. Once when Sam and her Parents were moving to an other house they were packing all there things then Isabella came to help too any as they were moving house there car nearly crashed into this black misty thing that was just standing there Sam thought she was seeing things but also her mum and dad saw it too but they didn’t say anything so when they were there it was a nice looking house all painted white next to a twisted tree so as Sam and Isabella ran

around the house there was a room all dark and spooky and as Isabella said I dare you to the mother of Sam said its time to set your bed up to Sam. Isabella said to Sam as I was saying I was saying I dare you to sleep in the dark and spooky room so at 11:00 at night Sam and Isabella were both sleeping in the dark room.Sam was sleeping on the bed and Isabella was sleeping on a camp sheet. As Sam was sleeping she heired this moaning sound in the room she opened her eyes and saw this dark kid standing against the wall it was looking at her as it was moving it head to the side she wanted to seam but she was to afraid it might go up to her she tried to wake up Isabella but she as deep a sleep as she was starring at it Isabella woke up Sam pointed at it and Isabella didn’t see anything the ghost child went up to Sam and sat on the bed as Sam was screaming her head off her mum came and the ghost disappeared into mid air her mum said what’s wrong but Sam wouldn’t talk for 2 days.

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