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New Shoes

It was a busy day for me at the office. I did not even go to the ladies until exactly 3pm on that day. I was wearing my new pair of plastic shoe (which was a trend at that time). I was walking toward the toilet which was was situated next to the locked stairway which link to the rooftop. The toilet was quite far from the entrance which adjacent to the office and hardly anyone could hear anything from outside.

You see, I was curious why the shoes made one kind of sound when walking. Anyway I just ignored it and enter the toilet. After I had finished my business, I was looking at mirror and doing my hair. Suddenly I heard a same sound that came from my shoe. I was wondering. I didn’t walk or move but standing, how come the shoe could make that sound. Suddenly I felt a chill and I could swear I felt somebody was breathing heavily behind me. I look into the mirror but there was no one! I felt really scared and panicked but I did’t dare to turn back my body. So I quickly ran towards the entrance. I felt the journey was longer than when I came in just now.

When I reached, I opened the door and I shouted so loud that my colleagues could hear me and I almost faint upon that time. After I had calmed down and told them what happened, I found out that day was the first day of GHOST MONTH.

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