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Peppys Road

I think you guys should explore this place. Its at Peppys Road, Pasir Panjang (the other side of Kent Ridge Hill).

To get up to this road, you guys will be going up two secluded carparks. You will see cars parking and the usual fogging (besides the point). Up the top most carpark, there is an old bungalow, from the pre war era. My friends and I actually when up to the carparks to spy when we decided to explore the bungalow and because I like old bungalows. The gate to this house is open although has that No Tresspassing sign. Outside there are trees, we think cherry trees. We were there at around 7.30 pm, not so dark but near around maghrib.

Heresay, this bungalow is where the Jap soldiers dumped LTD Adnan Said’s body after they had brutalise him somewhere near Kent Ridge. He died of blood drained at this bungalow. All the windows of this place was boarded up, but you can feel just from standing around the front door, this very spooky feeling. One of my friend, who can feel and see stuff, was totally urging us to leave that place. There are still dried blood in the bungalow. As we start to leave the place, all the surrounding got this funny noises of birds or whatever, cold air surrounds us and our steps increased faster and faster. Even by 8 pm plus, the top most carpark was empty because of those eerie noises.

We were quite amazed with residents of the nearby condo, with their ‘strength’. Words from a passerby, at night you can see lights and hear voices from the bungalow, so far no one dared to go out at night as they have to pass by the haunted house.

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