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Kain Batik at East Coast

This happened to me 3 years ago. My friends and I decided to overnight at East coast beach after a night out. As the night went on, one by one we started to fall asleep. I was sleeping with my friends on a wooden bench. Somehow i felt miserable so i looked around and saw a white bench facing the sea. Looked at my watch it was 2.30am. I went over and slept lying on the bench.

Suddenly someone woke me up. I thought it was my friend so i said don’t disturb me lah… I want to sleep. But then that someone didn’t go away…. so I said apa?? nak apa lah…??..aku nak tido…. All this without opening my eyes to look. That thing ask me something which i can’t make out what he was sayin so i open my eyes a little and only saw a kain batik but still I didn’t look up. Did not sense something amiss, I just said ” tak tau..lah..tanya orang lain..”

That person went away and the hair on my neck suddenly stood up. I quickly got up and look around but there was no sign of anyone. Furthermore, who would wear a kain batik to east coast in the middle of the night?!!

Well that incident kept me awake till the next morning. So people if you want to spend the night at east coast, make sure you stay within your group of friends even if it’s uncomfortable.

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