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OBS Cubicle

In 1999, I went for an OBS course. I was in one of the teams whose bunks located on the top most part of the hill. (Can see all the forest and sea).

One night, after an outing with my team members, we all decided to have a bath before going to bed. So all the girls proceeded to the girls’ toilet. When we were there, we realised that one of the shower rooms was locked. We were quite surprised because there ain’t suppose to have anyone in the toilet.

After some time, we got impatient and started to knock and shouted, “Oei! Faster lar! We want to bathe one you know!” Immediately we heard a guy’s voice from the shower room, “Ya ya, I am coming out soon!” All the girls screamed at that moment(it was supposed to be a girls’ toilet!!!)

One of the girls calmly told us that it might be one of the guys, AB, from our group who might have mistaken the girls’ toilet as the boys’. When some of the girls went out of the toilet, they actually saw AB and asked them that they thought he was in the toilet…but he answered, “Nope, i just came back from the canteen.” When all the girls found out about that, we scream even louder! (so the guy in the toilet was not AB, THEN WHO IS HE?!!?) We told the guys about this and they went to the toilet to check out, what the guy told them is that he was not wearing any pants so he cannot make his way out! One of the guys immediately threw in his pants to the shower room…

There were no response at all for sometime…When we look down to look for the foot of the guy …THE ROOM WAS EMPTY!

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