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It was a Saturday night when it happen. My parents was aboard so i decided to have some fun……..who know it was no fun at ALL.

I call my friends and ask them to meet at my house at 10 pm, after that we each took a bicycle and cycle our way to “OCH”. I don’t know if it is fate that we must come at 12 am…..and we actually arrived at 12 am(almost reaching twelve) We park our bike and went in……It was our first visit to there so we are not sure of the routes to take…..We ended up at the front of an unknown room…..So we open it up and guess what…..There is nothing but two beds….At first, i don’t felt anything wierd until one of my friend actually sit on the bed, then i felt something…..Something is watching over us…….among all my friends, i was the only one that can sense things fast so i urged my friend to get off the bed and i manange to bring them out of the room and slowly out the place…..Nothing happen to anyone of us but when we were about to leave the place…i had the feeling again. This time most of us felt it so we dashed out of the place and never look back.

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