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Looking back during my younger days.. I had always liked to play with fortune telling, tarot cards, ouiji boards. Nothing drastic happened, but there was something about me that my friends call me wierd.

During my primary school days, i used to see spirits walking around but they seemed normal humans. I found out that they are actually spirits when there was this little girl squatting beside me in my classroom table. I am from an all boys school and it was impossible for a girl to be in my school, anyway i told my teacher about her but she couldn’t see the little girl.

The story i’m going to relate isn’t about my special eyes nor is it about my younger days. This incident goes like this.

Last week when i was playing my guitar in my room, i felt that someone was looking at me from the corner of my room. I turned around and i could see a girl around 20? Running or should i say darting to another corner in my room. I think she didn’t know that i had the eye to see her only untill my eyes kept focusing on her wherever she went. My eyes were stigmatise on her, she seemed quite pretty and i wasn’t afraid of her cause i am used to seeing spirits. She seemed shocked to see me looking at her with such easy eyes, but i know we could never communicate. She dosen’t have the voice to talk but could only use actions or different ways to show what she wants.

I later found out that she died because of high fever, and she used to live just above my unit. Nowadays, she just appears out of a sudden. Just wanting for my company. I even found out from her that there is actually a heaven and a hell, and that she is still on earth because of some unfinished matters, it had been 6 months since she died and she will be leaving my company today….for heaven. ..I sort of feel happy for her, althought i had never have the chance to know her when she was alive.. ..We still had the chance to know each other after she died. ……..With this i dedicate this story to Jenny……

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