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Bodyless Ghost (Penanggal)

This story was based in Brunei. My grandmother was the one who experienced it. The whole family consisted of my grandmother, late grandfather, mother, aunt & uncles who were all little kids then. My grandfather was a soldier back then & he had to serve his services in Brunei. They resided in Brunei for seven years.

The story happened like this. My late uncle, who were a few months old, fell sick. He was admitted to a hospital in Brunei. My grandmother saw an old man at the window outside the hospital, peeping at them & said something to my grandma. He said, “Anaknya sakit?” (Your child is sick?) My grandma didn’t reply & when she turned her back to see the man, he had already vanished.

So, when my uncle had recovered, they went back home to their bungalow house which was near to the sea. The old man followed them back home! My grandmother saw him again at the window outside their house! It happened on Friday’s night. Suddenly, my grandma saw a bodyless figure flying in the house – the face of that old man. There was the head with its ‘akar’ (head root) flying all over the house.

My grandmother shouted as loud as she could, & the rest of the family were awake. My grandmother shouted & recited Allah’s name & Allahu Akhbar! (God is great) The ‘penanggal’ disappered out of the house. Then, a few days later, my uncle died. It was the saddest moment having to lose one innocent baby family member.

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