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Before starting, nenek hope nenek is not too old to join all of you. In fact nenek surf your website everyday in the office (nenek still working…lah). But nenek will only surf when there are people around in the office …quite eeerieee lor…

Now this is one of my story (I have bundles of stories, and they are true stories which I have ever encountered)

Younger days, teenager time (19+) i worked in a factory in Chai Chee street (JTC building). Although we are factory girls we were allowed to pray. That time, i worked afternoon shift (3 – 11pm). During 7pm prayers(Maghrib), we usually went to the toilet in pairs. But that time everyone were busy and i decided to go alone. Before prayer (we have to wash up – wash hand, mouth etc..sorry nenek do not know to call it in english).

People say the toilet is quite eerie but bcos i want to perform prayer why should i scared of, right?? But.. upon entering i have the kind of very eeriee feelings. I did not go inside the cubicle, only using the sink to wash up. During washing, my heart beats very fast, i ignore it, i can feel that something is very near to me. I recite some Quran words that i know (inside my heart).

Finish washing, i turned around (dare not looked at the mirror) but I was numb “I COULD NOT WALK FOR FEW SECONDS”. As if something is blocking me, but I can’t see anything. I was very, very scared. I just close my eyes, open my mouth, and shout “ALLAHU AKBAR” (ALLAH IS THE GREATEST) 3x. It worked and I managed to walk again. Very fast I walked, dare not to turn back and dare not to tell anybody. Performed the prayer, very steady, like nothing happened.

Go back to work. I did not noticed anything until one of my colleague ask me what happened to my hand (slightly above the wrist). A ROUND BLUE BLACK MARKS AND IT IS QUITE SWOLLEN. I dare not to relate the story to anyone. I ask my mother, she said it was “pelesit”. It took 2 weeks to heal.

From then on, I went to the toilet with my friends. Be it in the morning, evening or night. The place is quite scary until today. How true…you can ask anyone who ever worked in JTC factories in Chai Chee Street before.

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