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Chinese Ghost Story

This is a Chinese Ghost Story that i have read on the internet which claims that it’s true, so i just thought of sharing it with u pple out there. okz let me translate it and start.

There was once a pretty girl from China who have very good results in her studies. Her family being poor, raised funds for her studies in the University in some country lahz. When she went into the University, she shot to fame with the campus mates instantly for she is young and pretty and decent. She saw a Chinese rich guy and they fell in love. Soon… the girl is pregnant…. her family got news of it and disown her. The girl then went to the guy, but the guy gave her a sum of money and tell her to abort it and don’t ever come back and look for him again. He is only toying with her feelings.

The girl was so devastated that she jumped down in red, from a high building. The guy was so afraid that he went to a Taoist priest. The Priest gave him some talisman and tell him to cover himself with it and hide under the bed in his house, for the Hungry Ghost Festival is coming(the time where all ghosts come out) and don’t open his eyes to look at the ghost… The priest told him that he will be safe this way.

A few nights later, the guy heard some strange sounds outside his room, just like something bouncing up his stairs. SO he covered himself in talisman and hide under the bed. Then he heard his door swung open. He could smell something rotting…. and a voice “Why can’t i find him???” His curiosity was killing him, he wanted to see what she looks like. Finally he couldn’t tolerate and open his eyes and his body was found the next day…( his curiousity really killed him!!!) The priest was puzzled over that guy’s death… He shouldn’t have died , so he went to ask the police how the girl died.

Then he finaly know it the girl have jumped down and landed head down first so when she went to look for that guy, she was bouncing up the stairs on her head, and when she went into his room, she couldn’t find him, but when he open his eyes under the bed, she saw him and she look horrible. ( go think wat she will look like)……

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