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The Black Lady

A few years ago, when i was around 5-6 years old… i was staying with my mum and my grandma because my parents had already divorced. We we then staying at Aljunied Rd blk 60 if i’m not mistaken.

Anyway, eversince i could remember, everyday when i came back from school, when i was resting in my own room, at around 3-5pm, i would feel a certain presence in my room. It was the presence of a lady. I can still remember that she was wearing all black and her face was extremely hideous and awful. She would enter into my bedroom where i was resting on the bed and talk to me in a foreign language from goodness knows where. Eventhough i was still young, that experience did not hesitate me to shout for help. But when i wanted to shout for help…. my voice would be blocked as if someone was controlling me.

I was damn scared and dreaded the evenings very much. At one time, when i tried to use all my energy to shout for help, she sort of chanted furiously at me and i could not talk for about 2 days. Even doctors could not cure me. That was how danger and terror she is. Now, i already shifted house to bedok reservoir and it is much peacefull there, at jalan tenaga.

For a few days, when i shifted house, she would visit me but she seemed to lose control over me. Slowly, as i grow up and learn more about muttering prayers…i did it one fine day when she visited me…and from that day on….she never disturbed me again.

(from then nite when i was in my mums car, passing by a quiet road, i caught sight of that ugly lady and had nitemarez but until today, i have never seen her again)

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